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London Office
London Office
Canada Office
+44 7700 308424 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 34 Gerrard St, London, EC2G 7ZF, England
+1 530 645 2043 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 500 Kingston Rd M4L 1V3, Toronto, Canada


We are a group of companies that are manufacturing and supplying a series of petrochemical products widely used in various industries


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Beroil Energy Group

Founded in 2016, Beroil Energy is one of the pioneering oil and gas suppliers and contractors in the Middle East with headquarter in the United Kingdom. With over 8 years of expertise in trading and distribution of oil and gas products, Beroil Energy provides advanced energy services throughout the Middle East, Asia, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Core Business of Beroil Energy is trading and supplying some widely used and strategic products, covering various industries, from oil and gas byproducts and petrochemicals to the mining industry. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the company has subsidiaries in Canada, UAE, and Iran, in addition to a sales network in China, India, Singapore, and Malaysia through its foreign affiliate ventures.

Beroil Energy is one of the key local sponsors, agents and strategic partners of multinational contractors and manufacturers operating within the energy industry in the Middle East and Central Asia. Over the past decade, the group has made significant advances to become one of the largest independent oil trading companies in the region.

Downstream Oil and Gas

Over the years of work at the energy market Beroil Energy has won the reputation of a reliable petroleum product supplier. Procurement in the Oil & Gas Industry has become an essential service in today’s competitive marketplace.
Our role is to source and supply all the manufactured goods associated with the exploration and delivery of oil and gas.

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Petrochemical Industry

With a vast experience in the oil industry, Beroil Energy has relationships with renowned manufacturers, major mills and petrochemical plants in the Middle East, and Asia, providing a comprehensive range of petrochemicals, vital to various industries.
We specialize in sourcing, storage and logistics of petrochemicals to create value for our global customers and support sustainable development.

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Mining Industry

We are one of the trustworthy manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of a varied range of Minerals. Beroil Energy has a joint venture partnership with the leading manufacturers in the mining industry.
We strive for the highest product quality possible for each and every customer. Our products adhere to all relevant regulations and guidelines and fully meet industry standards.

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petorleum products supplier - oil and gas supply and procurement - supply and sourcing services

Supplying & Sourcing

Beroil Energy Company is dedicated to providing the best and most effective procurement service to the Oil and Gas Industry and covers vast and most used materials in the industry. We have established exclusive partnerships and agreements with top manufacturers and service companies around the world: enabling us to deliver a first-class service.

storage and warehousing services for petroleum products - oil and gas warehousing

Storage & Warehousing

Through our network of secure and well-maintained warehouses, we are able to offer the handling, storage and distribution to and from Middle East, Asia as well as the Africa. We provide full scale warehouse services including storage, picking and packing, quality checks, inventory and orders management 

petrochemicals logistics and distribution - petroleum products logistics

Distribution & Logistics

Our distribution and logistic partners are strong players in the region, known for their efficient and far-reaching network. We have built a reputation for excellence with our dynamic team of experts, providing highly skilled and experienced project managers and logistics specialists that offer turn-key solutions.


We are committed to providing quality products and services to our business partners and customers while ensuring that the products and services we provide are delivered in an efficient and cost effective manner

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